Risk Management

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Insurance Coverage & Risk Management Are Not Equal

Insurance coverage transfers risks away from the business owner to the insurance carrier to limit the fiscal impact to the CannaBusiness. Risk Management is a culture with tools and knowledge of initiativetaking risk prevention measures with the implementation of programs with best practices in some of the following areas to increase the sustainability of the business and the neighborhoods they occupy:

  • Risk Assessment of Business Operations
  • Cannabis Occupational Safety and Health
  • Cannabis Public Safety and Health
  • Cannabis Product Safety
  • Cannabis Disaster Preparation and Readiness
  • Cannabis Energy Efficiency
  • Cannabis Finance and Banking
  • Medical Cannabis

“Do I really need insurance & Risk Management practices to protect my CannaBusiness? What are the advantages of having insurance? Is it worth it to pay for insurance?” Clients often ask these questions during a consultation, and we follow up with a question to their question. Suppose something happened to your crop, dispensary, or products such as crop disease, fire, theft. Is your business financially fit to absorb the monetary loss or be self-insured without going out of business or financially stressed? The answer is consistent, “No!”


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