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Canna Shield:
Cybersecurity Liability

Our best-in-class cyber liability insurance solution combines broad first-party and third-party coverage with access to expert cyber security services and claims professionals. We have partnered with Gr8 Eagle Cybersecurity to offer our cyber liability solution, which is an effective combination of great coverage, state-of-the-art risk mitigation services, and unparalleled support from claims experts.

We provide a comprehensive and proactive approach to identifying and evaluating potential weaknesses within an organization’s information technology infrastructure. This service is designed to enhance the overall security posture of a business by systematically identifying vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious actors.

This program is available in all states within the United States of America, excluding all territories and possessions.

  1. Automated Vulnerability Scanning:

    • Description: Utilizing advanced automated scanning tools to systematically identify vulnerabilities in networks, applications, and systems.
    • Example Highlight: “Our service employs cutting-edge automated scanners that conduct thorough examinations of your entire IT infrastructure, pinpointing potential vulnerabilities with speed and accuracy.”
  2. Manual Penetration Testing:

    • Description: Augmenting automated scans with manual penetration testing conducted by cybersecurity experts to identify nuanced vulnerabilities.
    • Example Highlight: “Our skilled ethical hackers complement automated scans by manually probing for vulnerabilities, ensuring a comprehensive assessment that goes beyond the capabilities of automated tools.”
  3. Prioritization of Critical Risks:

    • Description: Assessing and prioritizing vulnerabilities based on severity, helping organizations focus on addressing the most critical risks first.
    • Example Highlight: “Our service provides detailed reports with a clear prioritization of vulnerabilities, empowering your team to address high-impact risks promptly and efficiently.”
  4. Compliance Checks:

    • Description: Ensuring that the organization adheres to industry standards and regulations through compliance checks.
    • Example Highlight: “We conduct thorough assessments to ensure your systems comply with industry regulations, providing you with the confidence that your security measures meet the necessary compliance standards.”
  5. Continuous Monitoring:

    • Description: Implementing continuous monitoring mechanisms to stay vigilant against emerging threats and evolving vulnerabilities.
    • Example Highlight: “Our service doesn’t stop at a single assessment; we offer continuous monitoring to adapt to the dynamic threat landscape, providing real-time insights into potential security risks.”
  6. Customized Solutions:

    • Description: Tailoring vulnerability scans to the unique characteristics and needs of the organization.
    • Example Highlight: “We understand that every organization is different. Our service is customizable to address the specific nuances of your IT infrastructure, ensuring a tailored approach to your cybersecurity needs.”
  7. Educational Resources:

    • Description: Offering educational resources and awareness programs to enhance the understanding of cybersecurity best practices.
    • Example Highlight: “In addition to assessments, we provide educational resources and awareness programs to empower your employees with the knowledge and skills to contribute to a secure organizational environment.”
  • Network security Assessments
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Email Phishing Simulations

24/7 Support helps you support your organization mitigate the risk and impact of a cyber breach.

Services include:

  • Cyber Security Training¬†
  • Compliance
  • Regular Scanning
  • Automated Tools
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Penetration Testing


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