Canna Claims


Do I need insurance for my CannaBusiness?

​The purpose of insurance coverage is for business protection and peace of mind for when an incident occurs. Customized lines of insurance coverage will transfer the risk of loss to another entity to help the CannaBusiness recover from any unexpected losses.

In the event of a claim CannaCoverage will monitor and provide ongoing updates to clients regarding coverage issues and exposures facing the Cannabis Industry and our clients’ respective unique businesses;

    • Provide assistance with claim submission process:
    • Provide assistance with obtaining a timely coverage decision from the Insurance Company;
    • Assist client in understanding and responding to any denials of coverage;
    • Monitor claims handling through resolution for compliance with Best Practices:
    • In the case of a lawsuit being filed against an Insured, ensure a timely defense is assigned and the Insured is satisfied with any assigned defense counsel and if not advocate on their behalf;
    • Confirm timely and sufficient payment of Claims;
    • Our team will take all steps to ensure that the claims’ handling process is sensitive to the Insured’s business relationships/third party contract conditions, i.e., timely payment to business partners; assumption of defense when called for by contract (in litigation the parties have various legal obligations to each other by contract which may include providing a defense and indemnification to another business partner); and
    • If a claim is paid by the Insurance Company, we will make every effort to ensure Subrogation Opportunities are pursued when available. We will take steps to ensure any responsible third parties are pursued for recovery or contribution to offset the impact to an Insured’s loss run. This will assist with the policy renewal process.


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